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Clinical Connections
March 2012
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Welcome to Clinical Connections!

Dear MUSC Medical Staff,

The Epic ambulatory project is underway and picking up steam as we head toward the May 17 go live. I have just completed my training in the past week and the best tip I can give you at the moment is to plan ahead and don't leave the training to the last moment. The Epic interface is very powerful with a lot of options. You will need to set aside time to attend training, practice, build customization, and most importantly work with your clinic staff on workflow. Plan on 15-20 hours of time. It will be well worth it at go live!

Thank you.
Patrick J. Cawley, MD
Chief Medical Officer & Executive Medical Director
MUSC Medical Center
HCAHPS Communication with Doctors:
Results as of 3/2/2012
Increased Sampling from 25% to 50% as of April 2011
FY'12 Q3 not final
View the results
Heads Up! Vaccination Update
It is "universal screening, and vaccination (when appropriate) for all hospitalized patients, for influenza (during the season) and pneumococcus vaccines."
The nurses will automatically screen and vaccinate by standing orders, for all those that qualify for the vaccines.
The standard went into effect January 1, 2012 for all inpatients.
National Doctor's Day is March 30th

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 Physicians awarded Physician of the Month.
January 2011: Dr. Natasha Ruth - Pediatrics - Rheumatology
February 2011: Dr. Chris Goodier - Obstetrics/Gynecology
March 2011: Dr. Terry Day - Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
April 2011: Dr. Margaret Villers - Obstetrics/Gynecology
May 2011: Dr. Chris Streck - Department of Surgery
July 2011: Dr. Imran Chaudry - Radiology
September 2011: Dr. Ryan Gunselman - Anesthesia & Perioperative
November 2011: Dr. Donna Johnson - Obstetrics/Gynecology
December 2011: Dr. Anca Dumitriu - Pediatrics Hem/Onc
January 2012: Dr. Michael Bernard - Division of Cardiology
February 2012: Dr. Michelle Hudspeth Pediatrics - Hematology/Oncology
College of Pharmacy Newsletter

The latest edition of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Update: Drug Information for Healthcare Professionals has been posted online, http://formweb.com/musc/. In this edition you will find the following articles:
Smoking Cessation
Did You Know...
- Lovenox® Patient Assistance Program Re--instated
- Automatic Therapeutic Substitution Protocols in CPOE
Formulary Update
- January 2012
Clinical Care Series:
Important Epic Update!

» Epic Project Info

» Epic Policy Approved
   by Medical Executive
Visitation Policy:
New Standards

Effective July 1st. Please review the new standardized guidelines.
» View the Visitation Policy
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Thank you to those who responded to our active survey. Based on feedback, we have added in recently approved MEC Policy Updates.
A-031 Family Presence and Visitation
C-044 Moderate Sedation for Non-Anesthesiologists
C-056 Verbal Orders
C-073 Storage, Handling and Documentation of Human Tissue
C-128 Animal Research
C-149 MET
C-151 IV Push
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MEC: Meeting Update
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March 21st
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