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Mineral Makeup: A Breath of Fresh Air for the Skin
If standard cosmetics donít agree with your complexion, consider mineral makeup. This more natural makeup contains fewer skin irritants. Learn why mineral makeup helps some people Ė but not all.
Our experts weigh in on mineral makeup
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Osteoporosis: Workouts that Help You Rebuild Bone
After age 50, half of all women and one-quarter of all men develop osteoporosis, or "softening" of the bone. Believe it or not, exercise can help rebuild fragile bone and reduce risks of fracture - if you do it right.
Get tips on safe, effective workouts
Free Guide: Tips for Managing Diabetes
This handy reference guide provides recommendations from our diabetes experts on blood glucose ranges, weight management, alcohol use and avoiding complications.
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Recipe: Coleslaw Flatbread Folds
Lighten things up with this easy recipe that tops whole-wheat tortillas with broccoli slaw, carrots, rotisserie chicken and fresh baby spinach leaves.
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Be salt-smart

Most of us need to watch our salt intake, so itís best to stow the salt shaker. But if you must add salt, try kosher salt - it is 40 percent sodium, just like table salt and sea salt, but its larger crystals provide less sodium per teaspoon.
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